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Why Diets don’t work

If you have ever been on a diet and failed, you are not alone.

A staggering 98% of all diets fail and of the 2% who succeed many go on back to their old

eating habits and gain it all back and sometimes a bit more besides.  To lose weight we

need to change our whole attitude to food.


Associating Food with feelings

The minds number one job is not to make us happy but to make us survive on the planet.

It constantly searches for anything that threatens us and always moves us away from

pain towards pleasure.  We are born knowing exactly when we are hungry and when we

have had enough.  Small children almost always leave some food on their plates, even

when it’s sweet stuff or treats.   You only have to look at the left -overs from a child’s

birthday party but somewhere along the way we learn to associate food with rewards,

security and even love.


Time to reprogram the mind

Do you remember being given hot buttered toast and jam at Granny’s and feeling warm,

contented and loved?  This severed you very well when you were seven but if you are now

thirty-seven, forty-seven or fifty–seven isn’t it time to start thinking in a different way?

When you are having a bad day your mind thinks “I’ll move you from pain and towards

pleasure, why not have hot buttered toast and jam, you like that, it’ll make you feel


Emotional eating

Many of us are emotional eaters, we eat when we are depressed, bored and when we are

feeling low. Diets don’t ever change our feelings.  Feelings will always overcome logic as

they are so much more powerful.  That’s one of the rules of the mind (Marisa Peer –

Rapid Transformational Therapy).


So how do we change our feelings?

Our mind responds to only two things, the pictures we make in our heads and the words

we say to ourselves.  We need to change the language we use when we speak about



The word “loss” is a negative term in itself. Loss conjures up images of sadness (keys,

phone, money even death).  The word “gain” is a positive word (wealth, confidence, a

contract).  The only exception to this rule is the word “weight”.  No wonder the mind is


Feed yourself with positivity

We need to give ourselves positive feedback and tell ourselves that we love eating in this

new healthy way, that it works for us, that it is empowering to take control of our shape,

our weight and most importantly our health.

We can use our imagination (a wonderful tool) to visualise ourselves the way we want to

be and look.


I always ask clients how they want to look and get them to visualise themselves in

something they would love to wear.  The most popular longed-for outfit to look good in is

a white shirt tucked into a well-cut pair of jeans! (Oh, the joy!).

When we can see this picture clearly, it excites, thrills and motivates and the hot buttered

toast becomes a lot less inviting!


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Why diets don’t work

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