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Angela’s customers report great results after having treatments. Don’t just take our word for it! Here is what some of Angela’s previous clients have said.

No fear of public speaking

Hi Angela, I just wanted to say a massive thank you for doing the “fear of public speaking” hypnosis with me.  I was apprehensive before the session as I didn’t really  know what to expect.  However, your warm welcome and professionalism immediately made me feel at ease.

The setting is so calm and you were so empathetic and caring throughout.  The hypnosis itself has had such an amazing impact on my life.  As someone who has to be constantly verbal and be able to communicate effectively, you wouldn’t believe that I need this particular hypnosis!  However, I would get nervous in front of large groups and have to work hard to stay calm and not get tongue tied.  Since completing the 21 days of listening to the recording you made for me I have noticed how fluid I have become within my communication skills.  My words flow freely and I find it easy to articulate what I am aiming to deliver.

I often give thought to my classes afterwards which require a lot of talking from me.  I now notice how well they went and how free and fluid my words were!

Thank you so much Angela, this has definitely had such a positive impact on my life and I would highly recommend a session with you!!!

Review by KD Derry October 2018


Lost weight and found myself again

I had a weight problem, I was an overeater and a binge eater especially at night.  Before my session with Angela I had very negative thoughts about hypnosis and was very sceptical.  However, I had exhausted all other avenues. Well, I now eat my words!!!

Angela made me feel very much at ease and relaxed.  Following the first session I noticed an immediate result.  I no longer binge, I am making healthy choices.  I have lost weight.  More importantly, my whole attitude towards food has changed.  I am no longer constantly thinking of food which I previously would have done.

Thank you Angela, you have given me my life back.  I cannot speak highly enough of you and would highly recommend you to anybody.

Review by KL Coleraine


Found my voice

I can’t recommend Angela enough.  Her hypnotherapy session is amazing.  She has a fantastic ability to make you feel at ease and believe in yourself.  Also my confidence has greatly improved and I am now able to speak  to groups and have even done a Facebook Live, which is something I couldn’t have even contemplated before.  Thanks again Angela.

Review by Ciara Moore at Calm Randalstown.  June 2018

Fussy Eater

The phrase “fussy eater” doesn’t even begin to describe me as a child.  As an adult, although I made a lot of effort to eat heathy, I had never managed to conquer my very sweet tooth.  I woke up every day craving sugar and had multiple sweet “treats” a day.

My skin was bad, I had chronic headaches and struggled with mood swings and sleep disturbances.  Even when I ate healthily I still had to have something sweet.

I had one session with Angela to see if she could help address this with me.  I’m absolutely delighted to say it has now been almost six months-169 days and I have not had a single mouthful of chocolate, cake, ice cream, nothing!  I don’t think I’d ever managed 4 days before.

The headaches are gone, my skin is clear and honestly Angela has changed my life.

I cannot recommend her highly enough!

Review by J. Sharpe Ballycastle


Interview Success

Hi Angela,  I’m just out of the best interview of my life.  No idea if it’s enough for the post but I am delighted with how I felt totally in control and clear headed.  A million thanks!

Review by A.McC Co. Derry

So safe and comfortable

Hi Angela, many thanks for your time yesterday.  I felt drained last night but feel fantastic today!  Did a 5 mile walk and some weights first thing.  Then lots of healthy cooking.

I listened to the recording last night, it’s so relaxing.  I could drink a well dry today!  All good.  Your kindness and caring manner made me feel very safe and comfortable, thank you. Will keep you posted.

D. Upperlands 19th September 2017

Hi Angela, 10 days on and I feel great! Have lost 5lbs!!  It’s the first time in years that I have not had chocolate or even thought about it!  I listen to the recording every day and feel I learn from it each time.  I love it! I still get tired from my busy life but I make time now to exercise regularly.  Hope you are well and thanks.  I’m off for a power walk now! D.  28th September 2017

Feeling amazing

Good morning Angela, just wanted to keep you posted on how things are going after our sessions.  I feel amazing …I’ve lost 11 lbs in weight…never really feel hungry, weighed myself yesterday for the first time, although I knew there was a big difference in my clothes.  The drinking, well I can honestly say from a girl who was drinking two bottles of wine every other night, was bloated, hated her life and herself…, no wine, no gin, odd glass of prosecco on a night out.  Of course I’m tempted to have a drink at weekends but I now know that my weekends are too precious to be laying in a heap, all thanks to you.  I just can’t thank you enough.  I still listen to the recording at night, even if I’m out walking.  You’ve certainly helped me so much to change my life completely.

Review by Julie O. Waterside


Warts and all

I brought my 9 year old daughter to Angela as a friend recommended her.  My daughter had a large wart on her finger and 2 smaller ones on another finger!  We had tried everything, freezing, ointments etc, but nothing worked. The doctor suggested hypnotherapy so we decided to give it a go.

Angela invited us into her beautiful home by the seaside. We were made so welcome and felt very comfortable in the surroundings. 

Angela ensured I was able to hear my daughter being hypnotised from another room and sent us home with a personalised recording that my daughter could listen to every night for 21 days.

Within 2 days the warts were getting smaller – the 2 smaller ones disappeared very quickly with the larger one following. I would highly recommend Angela. She is extremely good with children and a genuinely lovely person.

Review by Gemma O. Castledawson


Sugar Fixed

Although I didn’t have a weight problem I was becoming increasingly concerned about my sugar addiction and my constant need to snack on sugary junk food. I had heard about Angela’s success with clients who had lost weight by changing their eating habits and I thought I would give her method of rapid transformational therapy a try.

Since the session I have been amazed I no longer see the attraction of sweet stuff, even chocolate cupcakes when placed in front of me!

I feel so much better about myself and it’s empowering to have control of my eating habits again.

Thank you Angela!

Review by C. Long. Portstewart


Perfect presentations

As an Image Consultant I often give presentations to ladies groups.  I usually get very nervous, have a quiver in my voice, a dry mouth, heart trying to escape from my chest, kneecaps trying to detach themselves.

After chatting to Angela I decided a Hypnotherapy session was the way forward, as I had a presentation to give to a group of business ladies and needed to be in control of my nerves.

What a difference.  On the night I felt in control of my nerves, confidently delivered my presentation, knee caps intact.

I listen to my recording, which Angela made during the session, on a daily basis as I want to maintain that lovely feeling of control and confidence.

I can thoroughly recommend a Hypnotherapy session with Angela. 

Thank you Angela for your help and support.

Review by Iris Rowntree (Style by Iris – 07894904894)


No more crash diets

All my life I have been your ‘A’ typical crash dieter.  I have tried every diet plan going, you name it and I have tried it.  I would go on a diet and once I fitted into “that dress”, I would go back to my old ways.  When Orla Hume (Kick Start Coaching for Women) told me about Angela Bonnar it was like a guardian angel was calling me.  It was now time to get my life back.

At my first consultation with Angela, we discussed what were my main worries and concerns about my weight.  We were able to keep our focus on my main concerns which were bread, suppers, portion sizes and drinking more water.

After my hypnotherapy session with Angela, I no longer crave suppers every night.  I automatically drink water throughout the day.  The recording and mantra that Angela tailored for me keeps me focused on my goals on a daily basis.  For the first time in about twenty years I see me in the mirror.

I can now walk into a room with an air of confidence.

I can fit into my size smaller jeans that would not have buttoned on me before.

I can leave food on my plate where I would not have done before.

I can say no when offered food that I know would be bad for me.

Thank you Angela Bonnar, you are truly my Guardian Angel

Review by Vanessa B. Derry


Freedom from Addiction

Angela, I feel I must emphasis how much you have helped me.  I spoke to you at the time and thanked you but seven months later I have true peace of mind and freedom from an addiction.  You are amazing Angela.

You have given me back my life dearest Angela.  I cannot thank you enough! Much love.

review by P. H. Belfast


life changing effects

Hi Angela, just to let you know I am feeling so improved and more positive in outlook.  I play the recording daily and love the way it’s personal to me.  You have given me the knowledge to make big changes which are having positive life changing effects.  Thanks once again.

review by Nuala Co. Tyrone


Very Pleased With The Outcome

“Early in 2015 I decided I would reduce two dress sizes by 2016.  This didn’t happen – I maintained my weight throughout the year and then over the winter months I ate a lot of chocolate and sweet biscuits.  I gained 9lbs over this period and just couldn’t resist chocolate.

 Then in early January I had a session of hypnotherapy with Angela. I no longer yearn for chocolate.  I later had a second session and I have lost all the winter weight I put on.  I am more aware of eating healthily and find it easier to maintain my sensible approach to food.

In the past when I lost a few lbs I’d sigh with relief…And then self -destruct!  But now I have a clear vision in my mind of where I want to get to. And I’ve been on holiday to a lovely all – inclusive hotel (food and drink on tap!) and am having disruptive work done in my home (no kitchen) and have still stayed on track!! I’m very pleased with the outcome for me.  Many thanks Angela.”

review by Marese M – Belfast

I Am So Grateful

“I wanted to update you on how I felt following our session last week.  I can’t believe the change in how I feel physically and mentally. The anxiety and nervous feelings in my stomach have disappeared and I fell calm and in control.  I am able to focus on my business with clarity again. I believe the dark cloud has lifted and I am so grateful.  Thanks again Angela.”

review by Brian S – Coleraine

Relaxing & Encouraging

“I did not believe that hypnotherapy could have such immediate and lasting effects until my first session with Angela. Keen to cut out my un-healthy weakness for chocolate, I booked a session mid-November. Since that time I have not had a piece of chocolate or confectionery of any kind. For the first Christmas in sixty years I was not interested in festive treats. My resolve has remained intact – I can look but I am no longer tempted!

Angela’s empathetic manner was very relaxing and encouraging – I thought there could be no gain without pain. I am now using the technique to effect further changes in my life.”

review by Winnie O – Belfast

Life Changing

“I wanted to let you know how wonderful I feel after our session. I felt very calm and in control since our meeting. Although I have had a relapse once or twice, listening to the recording you did reaffirmed. It has been amazing how I have had no desire to eat bars of chocolate since our session. This in itself is life changing.”

review by Mary J – Ballycastle

Experienced Newly found Confidence

“When I first considered having hypnotherapy I was a little anxious about what it would involve and if it would have a positive affect on me – I need not have worried! Angela was very professional, approachable and easy to talk to. She quickly put me at ease and explained how the session would work.

After the therapy I felt really relaxed. As the days passed I experienced new found confidence and self belief. Listening to the recording daily has helped me increase my self esteem and self confidence. Thanks Angela!”

review by Ellen – Ballymoney

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