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angela-bonnar-hypnotherapy-Welcome.  By visiting my website you have taken the first step in freeing yourself from unwanted behaviours, habits and beliefs.  Hypnotherapy is a very powerful tool used to access the subconscious mind and change negative behaviour.  I use the Marisa Peer method of rapid transformation therapy and it has amazing results in just one or sometimes two sessions. I offer a relaxed and safe environment where I can help you rewire yourself for success.

I specialise in helping men and women to achieve a more balanced and healthy lifestyle so that they both look and feel good.  Using rapid transformational therapy, I can deliver results quickly, improving your quality of life and freeing you from destructive habits.

ab-hypnotherapy-ballycastleI trained with world renowned hypnotherapist, speaker and best-selling author Marisa Peer and am a clinical Marisa Peer hypnotherapist, an advanced Rapid Transformational Therapist and in addition, a certified Marisa Peer Weight Loss Practitioner.  I am excited to offer this advanced and effective method of hypnosis in Northern Ireland.  Let me help you get back on track and live your life to the full!


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To find out more about me, please visit the following link about us. Or alternatively feel free to email me: info@angelabonnarhypnotherapy.co.uk.

Call today on: 07723 395 548

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